Sick of restricted possibilities in plain SQL?

Empower your ETL processes

With SQL, R, Python and templates, your Transform processes will be on another level


Develop and manage your transformations like code

Software development has come a long way and establishes many very useful concepts and process. With LESQL you can reuse these for your data transformations.

DRY - Don't Repeat Yourself

The DRY concept is commonly used in software development. Now it is possible in data as well.

With so called global models, you can use your SQL code for many projects, but only manage it once. For example if you have to create the same analysis for several customers.


Database credentials for all your projects (customers) are stored centralized and encrypted. So your analystis don't need to handle these

Credentials can be stored in

  • Files (e.g. managed by git)
  • Etcd (coming soon)
  • Vault (coming soon)


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It is open source

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