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Database authentication

Concept #

Every workflow/project has its own authentication. There are several places where database credentials could be stored. At the moment, we have following places:

  • File
  • etcd (planned)
  • Hashicorp Vault (planned)

1) File #

In every workflows folder, there has to be a file called dbauth.yml with credentials and the database server. As this file will be checked into your git repository as well, the database password has to be encrypted. You can encrypt passwords with following command:

lesql encrypt [database_password]

You have to be in your lesql folder, as the master password which is used for the encryption lives in config-lesql.toml

When using lesql with Bigquery, save the credentials file to your local system and pipe the file to lesql encrypt

lesql encrypt - < bigquery-lesql-2e24c8aeaf78.json

2) etcd #

Coming soon

3) Vault by Hashicorp #

Coming soon